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Roy started practising Tai Chi in 1989 and has been teaching for 14 years.


Roy  came to Tai Chi after suffering serious back problems which put him in hospital for five weeks and off work for one year. As a consequence, Roy's ability to move became very restricted. After a period of 4 or 5 years with little exercise Roy 'discovered' Tai Chi. In 1988 Roy attended a class in Plymouth run by John Pollex and over the next 2 years Roy studied the Simplified 24 Form and the 108 Long Yang Form.


Curious about other aspects of Tai Chi, Roy joined his current teacher, Master John Fowler, in 1990 and studied the Cheng Man Ching style of Tai Chi. Roy became an indoor disciple of John's in 1992.


Over the years Roy has attended courses run by such teachers as Master Nigel Sutton, Master Tan Ching Ngee, Master Liang He Ching and Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.


Roy feels that his practice of Tai Chi has benefited him physically - strengthening his back and greatly improving his flexibility over the years.


Roy teaches Cheng Man Ching 37 posture form, San Shou, weapon forms, pushing hands and Chi Kung. He describes his class as, 'Small and friendly, sprinkled with humour, where a warm welcome is guaranteed.'

Roy Lancey
Phone: 01752 775631