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Derek currently works as a Senior Support Worker with South Hams Support Services, enabling adults with learning disabilities to live independently in the community. Derek is also a qualified teacher and a professional counsellor.


Derek started his study of Cheng Man Ching-style TaiChi in 1982 with Julian Crowe and continued until 1991. In 1992 Derek became an ongoing student of Daryl Moy, Chief Instructor for the Tse Qigong School, studying various types of Qigong (Chi Kung) and some Chen-style Tai Chi. For two years between 1995 and 1997 Derek studied Traditional Yang-style Tai Chi and Chen-style Tai Chi in Plymouth with Zhondi-Zhu, a Tai Chi instructor from Shanghai.


In 1996 Derek attended a residential course with Christopher Pei, a leading Yang-style Tai Chi Master from the USA. It was also in 1996 that Derek attended a weekend workshop with Master Nigel Sutton and was introduced to the Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association. It was during this period that he met his current teacher Master John Fowler.


Derek is a 4th Duan Master Instructor with the Zhong Ding Association and continues to benefit from the teaching and guidance of his teacher, Master Instructor John Fowler.


Through his association with the Zhong Ding Association Derek has met and studied with Masters Nigel Sutton, Tan Ching Ngee, Lau Kim Hong, Lee Bian Lei and the late Liang He Ching.


In the past, Derek has taught Tai Chi and Chi Kung to adults with learning disabilities. He has also taught Tai Chi at a number of Community Colleges in South Devon.


Derek currently runs a small private class at Harbour House in Kingsbridge. 'I always encourage best practice,' says Derek, 'and I am happy to engage in and promote discussion and debate around the philosophies and traditional Chinese beliefs associated with the Art.'


Derek teaches primarily Cheng Man Ching 37 posture form, with other elements of traditional Tai Chi, including San Shou, Pushing Hands, Fast Form and weapons. He also includes Chi Kung as an integral part of his class. Chen-style Tai Chi and Ba Gua Zhang are also available.

Derek Bates

Phone: 01548 843521