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Brian currently works as a lecturer in photography and has been studying Tai Chi for over twenty years and is a 4th Duan Master Instructor.


He has been a member of Zhong Ding since it was established in 1989 and has been a Tai chi teacher since 1996. His favourite open hand forms are the Yang fast form and the 64 straight line Ba Gua form, however he is particularly interested in a range of weapon forms such as the dao, the jin, short stick, staff and fan forms.


Brian first studied the long Yang form in 1978 with teacher Roes Lee in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but because of relocation to Devon met up and trained with John Fowler. His first interest in martial arts was when he was a young boy in the 1960s and started studying judo in London.


He continued to study a range of external martial arts before deciding to concentrate his training on Tai Chi. Whilst reading Fine Art at Sheffield University in 1972 he practised Wada Ryu Karate, but moving around the country led him to experience other martial art systems such as Lau Gar kung fu headed by Master Jeremy Yau, and Grand Master Samuel Kuok's Wing Chung kung fu.'


As an artist and photographer I enjoy watching films and in particular anything that is related to the martial arts. As a boy I was an avid fan of David Carradine in the 1960s TV programme, "Kung Fu".'


He has competed in both the British and European Tai Chi championships and was awarded a medal in the British open.


Besides being on various training courses with Master Nigel Sutton, he has been privileged to attend workshops by Master Tan Ching Ngee, Master Lau Kim Hong, and Master Liang He Ching.


'I really enjoy teaching Tai Chi as my classes are fun and all my students are dedicated to their art. It's amazing to see how they progress each week. It is one of the few martial arts that you can practise right into your old age; there are so many facets of the art that you can never tire of learning about it.'


Brian has recently returned from a trip to Malaysia and has now been promoted to Master Instructor 4th duan.

Brian Robson